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"Can Chiropractic care help my 2 year old with their ear infections?"


I received this question last night from a mom regarding her daughter’s recurrent ear infections. As I listened, I relived my fears and frustrations about my 2 year old son’s ear infections.  Micah’s ear infection story. Many families struggle with recurrent ear infections without knowing the help that a simple chiropractic adjustment can be to their toddler’s health, so please share this post.

The short answer is Absolutely Yes! Chiropractic can help with ear infections.

Chiropractic adjustments physiologically affect ear infections by influencing three areas: The Eustachian Tube, blood flow to the Middle Ear and the Immune System.

For the sake of brevity, today I will discuss the first of these, the Eustachian Tube. I will post the other two tomorrow and Friday.

The Eustachian Tube Connection

The eustachian tube, situated in the soft tissue of the upper neck, drains fluid from the middle ear into the back of the throat. This soft tissue is attached to the spinal bones of the upper neck.

When these bones are misaligned, they alter the position of this soft tissue and the angle of the eustachian tube, thus inhibiting its ability to drain fluid properly.

A corrective adjustment to the spinal bones of the upper neck can reestablish a better angle and allow the tube to drain more effectively. This restored drainage aids the body in getting rid of the bacteria that is trapped in the middle ear causing the infection, inflammation and pressure that is so painful.

This realignment and improved drainage not only aids the recovery from an ear infection, it helps restore proper function and health to the middle ear and prevention of the reccurrence of future ear infections.

If your child has an ear infection or is prone to ear infections, call today to schedule an appointment to have their spine evaluated. I promise to explain, answer your questions and gently correct any misalignment found. If you are not in SW Houston, contact me and I’ll help you find a Chiropractor in your area for your child.

Please, comment and/or share this so we can educate and assist other family’s in dealing with their ear infections.

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