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Meet Dr. Edward Kaemmerling

Dr. Kaemmerling, or Dr. K as he is known to his patients, is passionate about providing advanced chiropractic care to those wishing to eliminate their pain and take the steps that lead to wellness.

At Family Chiropractic Care we welcome every member of the family, from babies and kids to grandparents and moms-to-be. We emphasize a specific and research-based approach to treatment, with a particular emphasis on the unique needs of children.

The Decision That Transformed a Family

When Dr. K’s son Micah was 2 years old, he suffered from recurrent ear infections. Following his 11th round of antibiotics, his pediatrician suggested a myringotomy. This surgical procedure requires an incision into the eardrums, and the placing of small plastic tubes to keep the middle ear clear of fluid.

The family was not happy about this alternative. Upon hearing of their plight, friends recommended that Micah be taken to their chiropractor. Although Dr. K was skeptical, he was also desperate for hope and took his son in to see this doctor. “After Micah was adjusted, his ear infection was gone within six days. It’s never returned.” Micah is now in his 20s.

This experience was so impactful that Dr. K decided to make chiropractic his second career. With the tremendous support and sacrifice of a loving family, he obtained his chiropractic education from Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa in 2002, graduating Salutatorian of his class. Since that time, he has also earned certification in Activator Methods®.

A Life of Interconnectedness

Dr. K’s early education included attendance at Baylor University in Waco, Texas, where he received his bachelor’s degree in music. He married in 1990, and for several years he worked in church music as he and his wife Beverly started their family.

As a talented guitarist, music and singing have always played a prominent role in Dr. K’s career and life, and he particularly loves to teach, entertain and interact with little ones. These passions led him to teach music at two Montessori schools and a Kids R Kids Preschool.

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His love for the well-being of kids has also spilled over into his family-friendly chiropractic practice. He emphasizes the importance of children getting off to a great start in life, and knows that gentle chiropractic care is a major asset in helping kids to bloom and thrive.

A Worldview of Wellness

Dr. K and Beverly have four children and three grandchildren – all of whom possess a worldview of wellness that includes regular adjustments, a good diet and consistent exercise.

In his time away from the office, Dr. K loves the outdoors, and you can often find him bicycling or running. He also devotes many hours a week to reading books that stimulate the mind.

We’d love to welcome you as a new patient to our chiropractic care center. Specific adjustments that produce consistent and reliable results are offered. Contact us today for a same-day appointment!

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