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Do Kids Need To Be Adjusted?

Most of us adults who have used a chiropractor are aware of the “kinks” we can get in our back or neck. These spinal misalignments or “subluxations” are commonly caused by stress (work, traffic, relationships), trauma (accidents, slips or falls, lifting, sports injuries) or toxins (cleaners, fast foods & preservatives, medications). Our kids get these same spinal stresses, but I think we innocently overlook the stress and trauma that accumulates in their body, neck and spines their first 16 years of life.

First, a baby’s head was meant to be pushed out of the birth canal not pulled or twisted.  During a normal vaginal birth, C-section, breach birth or use of forceps, the vertebra in the neck can be moved out of alignment and create tension and pain for the newborn.  This commonly results with an infant having a comfortable side on which to nurse or sleep while being fussy on the other side.

When learning to walk, how often do our toddlers fall on their side, bottom or back.  How would our backs and necks feel and function if we were falling that frequently?

A tumble off the monkey bars, the swing, the slide, the trampoline or collisions on a bicycle or with the other soccer player or while skate boarding or roller blading.

Back packs at school, hours of reading and studying, hopefully at a desk but more often in their bed or on the floor in positions that make us cringe not to mention the postural concerns of slouching in chairs or just not standing up straight.

By the time our kids are 16, they have encountered many insults to their neck and back and if left uncorrected can lead to chronic misalignments that become spinal problems in their adult life.

I recommend getting children adjusted monthly to correct these misalignments or “subluxations” as they occur. Kid’s Day is the first Tuesday of each month and if a parent or guardian comes in for an adjustment, I treat the kids (16 and younger) for free.  Kids love to be adjusted.  It helps them function and grow more healthily.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call or comment, but call and schedule your adjustment and one to take care of your little ones you love so much!

More on the topic of Children and Chiropractic to come!

Dr. K



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