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Practical Response to Harvey for Our Chiropractic Patients in Sugar Land, Rosenberg, Richmond, Stafford, Mo City, Houston, Katy, etc.

This post leaves me at a loss.  Words can’t convey all that is going on in my mind and heart concerning all the people being effected in Sugar Land, Stafford, Richmond, Katy, Rosenberg, Houston and all the surrounding and unmentioned communities.  I keep praying for the creeks, bayous and rivers to drain faster than expected and the rising from accumulations to occur slower than anticipated to minimize the flooding.  How horrible to have our homes invaded by such a destructive force and to be so helpless to prevent the invasion.  I cannot imagine the frustration and helplessness that those flooded must be feeling.


I pray that all would feel the comforting presence and peace of God in their pain and loss with the flooding and the coming stress of the overwhelming work and challenge ahead to dry out, clean up and begin to repair and rebuild.  I also pray that as we all stopped to observe the most recent eclipse, that we would again be united in hope, patience and service to one another.  So many of us were fortunate and so many of us were and are being devastated.  Which brings me to what’s on my heart this morning.


I was journaling and praying this morning, trying to express to God what I’m feeling.  (It helps me so much, and I recommend this to you as well, to write on paper what’s in your heart.  I find that in doing so, God meets me and gives me His perspective on what I’m feeling and struggling with.  And usually I walk away with a sense of peace or purpose to act on the things with which my heart is burdened in a way that productively changes my heart or the circumstances causing those feelings or both.)  This morning, as I was “getting things out”, I felt the Holy Spirit directing me do a couple of things.


First, my calling from God professionally, is to help the world to be a better place by adjusting spines to improve your nervous system function and in turn, your quality of life.  Because of this, I encourage you to get adjusted during this tough time.  Also, I’m waiving my exam fee for any new patient coming to our office over the next two weeks.  Preparing for and recovering from Harvey has been and will continue to be stressful and detrimental to our backs and necks.  All of us are out of our normal routines with regard to sleep, exercise, lifting, etc., and are stressing our spines more than usual.  Please, get adjusted and tell your friends and loved ones to give us a call so we can help them function better and feel better physically through this recovery.


Secondly, He’s leading me to assist with removing wet items from flooded homes to help reduce damage of moisture and mold in homes.  This includes flooring, furniture and sheet rock and such that has been saturated by flood waters.  So, I’m checking in with our patients to offer assistance to those who need help with their homes and to solicit help of us who had little damage to our properties.


What’s our plan of action?

First,  please let us know your status:  if you’re safe, if you experienced flooding, if you evacuated, etc.

Second, if you need anything, please call our office and communicate that need.  We will attempt to coordinate help or communicate your need to those who can meet your need.

Third, if you are able and willing to help in some way, let us know so that we can coordinate your willingness to help to the needs that are shared.

You can text or call at our office number (281) 650-6019.

We will focus on the needs of our patients first and assist in any and every way we can with clean up and support of needs.


Please, join me in utilizing His sustaining grace to serve, love and provide hope to our community practically at this time.


Dr. Kaemmerling

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